American Gods reference list

There’s a variety of resources developing regarding Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods.  In an effort to keep track myself, I’m going to try and list the one’s I’m using here.


This page is filled with spoilers.  If you haven’t finished reading American Gods yet, you’ll probably want to stick to the mostly-safe things like the Twitter chapter hashtags and the Persons, Places, and Music spreadsheets.


Most of these references were spurred by the One Book, One Twitter project, launched by Jeff Howe in March 2010. American Gods was selected as the book to be read by Twitter members, with discussion occuring primarily within the hashtags #1b1t (for generic discussions), and the chapter-specific tags #1b1t_1c, #1b1t_2c, etc.

Some side channels have developed, such as #AGPandP, which I started to track the mechanics of my Persons and Places (and music) spreadsheets, and #1b1t_visuals, where artists are sketching various sections of the book.

Persons, Places, and Music

The idea behind these documents is to keep a list of Persons, Places, and Music that occur within the book. This can include both occurances (i.e. Shadow actually occurs within the first chapter) and references, such as the oblique reference to the song Nottamun Town in chapter 1.

Background info on gods

General info on American Gods

Commentary about #1b1t

Since blogs are inherently narcissistic, the first two are entries of mine, one complaining about the first day chaos in #1b1t, and the other apologizing once I’d done my own flailing in #AGPandP.

Since Jeff Howe is affiliated with Wired, it’s not surprising that there’s a fair amount of coverage at their website.  The 1b1t Epicenter is a repository for the various blog entries, including the voting for the book to be read and the semi-official pronouncements regarding the chapter hashes.

Neil Gaiman has blogged about the problems that can occur when novelists make things up and others accept those fictions as fact.  I mention it here because the book in which his ethical dilema began is American Gods.  As of 13 May 2010 at 21:00, he’s thus far not revealed what the made up bit is.

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